Following is the general information about the SR THAI BBQ LLC
    The SR Thai BBQ has relied on the top quality products and the need of our valued customers, who are interested in a delicious popular Thai-Chinese food, as our first priority. The foods served by our restaurant are based on a well-known Chinese food and original home made Thai recipes. Most of our food products are prepared specifically for each special events, festivals or parties; therefore, it is always fresh, juicy and healthy for our customers.

    The SR organizes a professional setup style for each special event, which usually focus on the main theme of that particular event. The company can handle different types of event: small event such as party or the big event such as street festivals, state fairs, airshows or concerts.

    Your events will greatly benefit from the SR THAI BBQ LLC as our company has been succeeded in many festivals and variety of shows throughout the state of California and neighboring states. Below is some of the shows that we ecstatically participated in:

      1. Street Scene at Downtown (San Diego, CA)
      2. Mill Avenue Festival of the Art (Tempe, AZ)
      3. All the Gay and Lesbian Festivals (Throughout California)
      4. Tapestry In Talent (San Jose, CA)
      5. The MTV Spring Break at Mission Bay (San Diego, CA), and many many more.

    Of course there are many food vendors you can choose from. Since you have a choice to make your fabulous event even better and bigger yet, why don't you choose the best food vendor for your event? So, contact us now, and let us be a part to make your upcoming event a memorable once.

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